Scottsdale Model Railroad Historical Society Website

The Scottsdale Model Railroad Historical Society is located in the new Model Railroad Building at the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park. An integral part of the Railroad Park, the Society displays HO (standard gauge) and HOn3 (narrow gauge) equipment, structures and scenic techniques.

The mission of the Scottsdale Model Railroad Historical Society, Inc. is to promote the understanding of railroading through the creation of an artistic model in order to educate the public about railroading and the resulting transportation of people and goods that expanded and grew the United States of America.


The Scottsdale Model Railroad Historical Society began in 1968 as the Scottsdale Model Railroad Club; members have been meeting at McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park for 35 years. The Scottsdale Model Railroad Club layout featured two railroads: the Paradise & Pacific recreated standard gauge trains in HO-scale, and the Uncompahgre & San Juan which recreated a narrow gauge railroad in HOn3 scale. The Scottsdale Model Railroad Historical Society features a single Santa Fe Railroad and Southern Pacific interchange.

Railroads have contributed significantly to Arizona's growth and development for more than a century. The model that the club is building here is a snapshot of Arizona railroading since the mid-1960s. As the layout develops over time, you will begin to see the towns and railyards that represent real communities from Flagstaff to Safford, including a major switchyard in Phoenix. The narrow gauge railroad runs between the historic mining communities of Jerome and Ash Fork, and passes through Flagstaff.

Authenticity and attention to detail are hallmarks of the Scottsdale Model Railroad Historical Society. When club members operate the railroad, they're equally particular: if you watch closely, you may be able to pick out who are the engineers, the brakemen, yardmasters and other real-life railroad employees. Everyone is working hard to make certain that even these model trains run on time and stick to the schedule!

Sad Note:

Steve Field, a Life Member of NMRA, passed away in Scottsdale on December 22, 2013. Steve was an avid model railroader for more than 50 years. A 20 year Navy Aviation veteran, Steve enjoyed his hobby all over the globe and most recently in the Phoenix area. He was a member of the Scottsdale Model Railroad Historical Society and the Grand Canyon Model Railroaders. Steve's greatest joy was running long trains with modern equipment. Steve earned recognition for several favorite train entries at Arizona Division meets. He also enjoyed construction work and played a key role in creating the bench work and track road bed for the new HO layout in the McCormick-Stillman Railroad park in Scottsdale. He will be missed by his many friends in the hobby.

The new Society layout is open for public viewing 7 days a week.